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Bongiovanni presents its line of professional mixtures, the modern and practical solution designed specifically for the craftsman who wants to facilitate work in his workshop. This line offers high quality blends, designed to meet the needs of every craftsman with the best raw materials.


The new gluten free blend

Optimo is the only 100% gluten free and lactose free preparation with the colour, aroma and flavor of a real "Type 1" flour, thanks to the presence of brown rice flour and black rice. It is a versatile and easily workable mixture, suitable for the preparation of pizza, bread, small pastry products and fresh pasta.


100% Gluten Free

  • Raw materials naturally gluten free and lactose free
  • Contains very high quality vegetable flours
  • Taste and fragrance comparable to a Type 1 flour
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Contains legume flours with a high satiating power
  • Mixture of flour and sourdough, without synthetic or natural flavourings
  • Available in 1kg format

It is the ideal product for those who want to offer gluten free products in their restaurant, with a scent and flavor indistinguishable from traditional products.

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The mixture for large leavened products

Perfecto is a mixture for large leavened products based on natural yeast and selected strong grains, designed and balanced for the creation of anniversary products in compliance with the tradition of Italian pastry making. Perfecto allows you to obtain easily workable dough, high leavening stability and prolonged softness over time.


Mixture for panettone and large leavened products

  • Contains natural yeast which keeps the PH stable
  • Specific for the preparation of large leavened products for special occasions
  • Optimization of production techniques
  • Stability during long leavening
  • Constant and guaranteed results over time
  • Mixture of flour and yeast, without flavors and emulsifiers

It is the ideal product for the craftsman who wants to obtain consistent and recognizable products without giving up his creative identity.

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The mix for bread making

Rustico is the ideal blend for making bread products with a rustic appearance and the dark color typical of Nordic bread, rich in aromas and nutritional properties. It is a complete and balanced mixture, easy to work with to make many different products.



  • Dark color and rich, toasted taste
  • To be used alone for the preparation of black bread
  • Easy and practical ready-to-use mixture
  • Healthy nutrient thanks to the presence of cereals and seeds
  • To be used in blends with other flours to characterize all short-leavening doughs
  • Also excellent for focaccias, friselle, breadsticks and crackers

The union of the practicality of an already complete and balanced mixture and all the organoleptic qualities of soft wheat, durum wheat, rye flour and seeds and flaked cereals.

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The mixture for pinsa

Magna is the special Roman pinsa mix with the addition of two new ingredients: rye sourdough, which adds aroma and structure to the dough, and toasted soy, which increases the aroma and stability of the fermentation. Ingredients: type 0 soft wheat flour, rice flour, soy flour, malted wheat flour, rye sourdough, toasted soy.


The mixture for pinsa

  • Refined blend of four different flours
  • More fragrant, stable and structured dough
  • Suitable for all types of leavening and high hydration
  • Easy in processing and application
  • Perfect mix of external crunchiness and internal softness
  • Light and highly digestible

The exclusive blend of type 0 soft wheat flourrice flour, soya flour and malted wheat flour with the addition of two new ingredients: rye sourdough and toasted soya.

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