Research and Development

Our Research & Development department relies on a state-of-the-art laboratory, collaboration with various professionals in the sector and constant contact with various universities, with whom we cooperate in the design and implementation of high-profile projects in the food sector.


Innovation and control

The laboratory is the real mind of the mill: it is here that the incoming grains are tested and the blends to be produced are decided in order to obtain flours with specific characteristics, measured thanks to all the equipment available: alveograph, farinograph, extensograph, reofermentometer, falling number and many others.


The Baking Lab

The Baking Lab is the mill's dough laboratory, where the flours are put through their paces from a technical point of view.

Close collaboration with the Analysis Laboratory is essential to ensure that the new products studied give good results not only from a theoretical point of view but also, and especially, from a practical one.

The Baking Lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment for all types of processing: ovens, leavening cells, blast chillers, spiral and plunger mixers, sheeters, planetary mixers and all other types of equipment useful for creating and testing dough. This area also hosts our professional training courses, information on which can be found on the dedicated page.

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We have always collaborated with the best universities in the area to create new products and support new research projects. The universities with which we have opened (and have opened in the past) the largest number of projects are UPO (University of Eastern Piedmont) and DISAFA (Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences, University of Turin).