La Triplozero – Porta Susa

Soft wheat flour
Tipo Type 00
Formati 25 kg - 10 kg (on request only)
Utilizzo For the preparation of layered and filled fresh pasta. An extremely fine white flour made from the heart of specially selected grains, to make your pasta elastic and to ensure excellent resistance during cooking. It makes sheets of silky and bright pasta, highlighting the yellow colour of egg and preventing greying.
Caratteristiche della farina
0,70 - 0,80
57% min
15 minutes ± 1
11% min
Confezionamento The product is delivered in 25 kg or 10 kg paper bags.
Shelf Life e conservazione 25 kg and 10 kg paper bags: 12 months since production. It is recommended to store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.