Antiqua Wholewheat Medium

Stoneground wholewheat soft wheat flour
Tipo Wholewheat
W 280 - 300
Formati 25 kg - 10 kg - 1 kg
Utilizzo This flour can be easily used for all preparations of bread and pizza with medium leavening process, fresh pasta and leavened pastries.
Caratteristiche della farina
60% min - 80% max
10 minutes ± 1
14% min
Confezionamento The product is delivered in 25 kg and 10 kg paper bags, or 1 kg plastic bag.
Shelf Life e conservazione 25 kg and 10 kg paper bags: 6 months since production. 1 kg plastic bag: 18 months since production. It is recommended to store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.