Antiqua Cereals for Pizza

Multicereals blend
Tipo Multicereals blend
W 280 - 300
Formati 10 kg
Utilizzo Special multigrain flour for pizza, it can be used without the need to mix it with other blends. It is perfect to realize multigrain pizzas that are dark and rich in fibers. It shows great extensibility of the dough and perfect resistance in the leavening process. Ingredients: Antiqua Type 2, whole seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower and millet), corn flour, wheat germ and toasted malted cereal flour.
Caratteristiche della farina
58.0% min.
10 minutes +/- 1
13,5 min.
Confezionamento The product is delivered in 10 Kg paper bags.
Shelf Life e conservazione 10 Kg paper bag: 6 months since production. It is recommended to store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.