The Mill

The ideal partner looks beyond

Expertise, research, innovation, certified and always up-to-date production facilities, allow us to follow our customers through every step until they get the perfect solution for their product.

Beyond Milling

We are not just a flour supplier, but a partner in industrial projects. From the conception to the research and study of the most suitable raw materials, to the testing of the results. We take an active part in every phase to create a product that is always in line with our customers' needs.

Beyond Production

We believe that a product's value also includes its environmental footprint. That is why we have created a mill that is attentive to sustainability, powered by a photovoltaic system and transporting raw materials by rail. In addition, we manage controlled supply chains from the field to the table, taking care of every step in this delicate process.

Beyond Tradition

Our Research and Development department is constantly experimenting to create new products and valuable designs. Thanks to a state-of-the-art laboratory and collaboration with universities and specialised research centres, we develop new solutions to support food production.

Key points

Efficiency and respect for the environment



The two plants allow us to meet the most varied needs of our customers, always responding to their requests promptly.



Thanks to the rail connection, we are able to source the best grains from all over Europe and with a low environmental impact.



Thanks to rail transport and the 1,600 m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the mill, we contribute to saving pollutant emissions into the environment every year.



Husking is the last cleaning step prior to milling. It is used to remove possible surface impurities and thus ensure that the flour is absolutely healthy. Every day we sort, clean and husk more than 8.8 billion wheat grains.


High technology at the service of quality

Incoming grain analysis

Incoming grain has to pass a series of strict controls. We take a representative sample from each lorry, which is analysed by special equipment: only if the result of the analysis is positive can the grain be unloaded into the mill.

Checking every single grain

Each grain is carefully checked by means of an optical sorter, which allows us to remove the grains with any defects, reserving only the perfect ones for milling.

Zero residue, zero risk

Thanks to our husking system, which removes the outer layer of the grain by means of very light abrasion, we eliminate any possible impurities from the surface of the grain. We only grind perfectly clean grains to obtain healthy, pure flour.

A plant that is as large as it is flexible

Every day we mill dozens of different varieties of wheats, working 24 hours a day: production is managed and controlled by a modern monitoring system, which allows us to obtain precise and correct milling even in the absence of the millers, who are always up to date and ready to intervene.

Traditional stone milling

Since 2008 we have also been proudly milling by stone: the first stone mill brought to the mill was the classic wooden mill, to which we added a small sifter to be able to obtain type 2 and type 1 flours. Over the years we have added other modern stone mills to the traditional one, with the aim of obtaining flours that are still rich in fibre and wheat germ, but with a more homogeneous grain size and therefore more stable and constant.

Industrial stone milling

Thanks to the installation of modern stone milling equipment, we are able to produce stone-ground flour even in large quantities and transported in bulk. Modern stone mills maintain the structure and milling method of traditional milling machines and also allow for more precise milling adjustment, which is essential in order to obtain more stable and user-friendly flour.

Flour analysis laboratory

The laboratory is the heart of the mill: thanks to the chemical, rheological and microbiological analyses carried out on the incoming wheats and on the flours produced, we are sure to mill clean and healthy grains, mixing the different varieties to obtain flours with specific performance characteristics, tested during and after milling to guarantee that the flour produced is actually in line with the customer's requirements.

Research & Development and Baking Lab

Testing flour from an analytical point of view is fundamental but not sufficient: to guarantee product performance, it is necessary to test it in the same conditions in which it will actually be used by the customer. This is why we have always relied on our Baking Lab: a real laboratory equipped with all the equipment found in small and large laboratories, active on a daily basis to test milled flours, but also to propose new products together with Research & Development and to hold professional training courses.

Continuous training for professionals

We firmly believe in training as a tool for personal and professional growth, which is why we frequently organise refresher courses for professionals in the sector held by our team of technicians, specialised in the various branches of the Art of Flour.

In-person training, but not only: we also organise live courses and video recipes that are always available on the Baking Box, our project dedicated to the craftsmen of the sector: an interactive Facebook group created to make knowledge, experience and valuable content available to everyone, useful for learning and improving every day.

Expertise at the service of the food industry

Our mill was created with dimensions and structure specifically designed to serve the large Italian food industry, which we support in the choice of the most suitable flour for the various types of product and production lines.
Our internal staff of the Quality Department and Baking Lab is ready to give technical support also directly in production, giving practical advice to obtain better results in line and optimise work.


A certified company