Il molino di Torino

The Il Molino di Torino line was created in 2017 following months of research and collaboration with great masters of the sector, which led to the creation of flours for professional use, ideal for bakery, pizza, pastry and fresh pasta.

The entire line is distributed in Italy and abroad exclusively through wholesalers.

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Molino di Torino flours

Special flours for pizza

Discover also the Vera and Core special flours for pizza.

A selection of flours for fresh and dry pasta, all produced by extracting the noblest parts of the grain from the mill, to obtain flours that are ideal for a brightly coloured pasta, whether puffed, extruded or rolled.

Il molino di Torino

A complimentary line for the city of Turin

In the historic centre of the city of Turin stands the majestic and imposing Mole Antonelliana, the undisputed symbol of the Piedmontese capital. To give value to the territory, to which the mill and miller are particularly attached, the sacks of this line of flours are identified by a reinterpretation of the Mole and the choice of names for the references has fallen on places and characters that represent the history of Turin.

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