Technical trainers

Our trainers

Our Team of Technicians: professionals who are experts in flours and their use in the various branches of the Art of Baking.
They have many years of experience, both as consultants and in their own businesses, which they make available to Bongiovanni customers.

Luca Zucchini

Luca is our in-house technician, and he joined Bongiovanni after a career that took him all over northern Italy: he started out as a cook, gained experience in Venice in the world of patisserie and then moved to Lake Garda as a pastry chef, where he developed his love of leavened products.

From here onwards he deepened his knowledge of different techniques, both as a self-taught chef and through solid training (with masters of the calibre of Morandin, Favorito, Donatone and many others), until he became head of the AtelieReale dell’Antica Corona Reale pastry lab in Cervere (Cuneo - Piedmont).

He loves to try his hand at large leavened items all year round, both sweet and savoury, mostly using sourdough, a technique in which he has great expertise.


Salvatore de Rinaldi

Born into the profession, he grew up in the restaurant his parents opened in Naples in 1970 and has been kneading pizza since he was 14 years old. And this is just the starting point: over the years he has worked all over Italy and in 1993 he landed in Valle d'Aosta, where he opened his first restaurant, La Fordze, in which he combined the tradition of Neapolitan cuisine with that of the local area.

He later returned to his family and opened Casa de Rinaldi. One of the first Neapolitan pizza makers to use only sourdough for his doughs, Salvatore has always experimented with flours, especially with cereal blends, even beyond the dictates of Neapolitan tradition.

Over time, his approach has met with great success: today he is a master pizza maker with the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) and holds training courses for young pizza makers and consultancies all over the world.


Valerio Torre

Born in front of the Aeolian Islands, but a Lombard by adoption, he has his headquarters in the province of Varese. The name of his restaurant, dedicated to pizza by the slice, could only be Torretta, in homage to the years in which, at just thirteen years old, he became passionate about the art of twirling pizza in the air, taking part in competitions, events and exhibitions. The nickname was given to him precisely because of his young age by one of his masters, Leone Coppola.

At "Torretta pizza" everything served reflects Valerio's professionalism and above all his energetic, positive and literally volcanic character that leads him to experiment with new interpretations in the world of bakery art. With an eye for the raw materials, starting with the flours.


Lorenzo Turina

He has always been passionate about the world of chocolate and began his professional career as a pastry chef. After various training experiences (he worked and studied, among others, with professionals such as Comaschi, Marinato, Busi and Donatone) he discovered his love for leavened products, which led him to leave the Chocolate Academy to start an experience at CAST Alimenti.

Lorenzo's approach is aimed at excellence and starts from a solid theoretical base, but remains strongly pragmatic.


Manuel Carbone

A Genoese baker "in love" with natural yeast and a lover of stone-ground flours, he began his career in his uncle's bakery, where he discovered the world of bread with a traditional approach based on hands-on experience.

He then moved away from classic bread and spent a period in a pizzeria, during which he developed a strong passion for special flours and natural leavening.

He currently prefers to work with, which is more ductile, and defines himself as an all-round baker: interested in understanding the why of processes, he chooses the most suitable process for each objective with an "open mind" approach that leads him to constantly innovate and experiment with new techniques.