Tailor-made supply chains

We create and manage supply chains from the field to the table to enhance the work of those who, thanks to their raw materials, enable us to obtain flours of excellence. The supply chains are the highest expression of a territory, which rewards everyone: from the farmer - whose efforts are ennobled - to the end-user - who uses products with a history to be discovered.

We create tailor-made supply chains all the way down to the field on behalf of our customers.

Controlled supply chains

Controlled and safe processes

We are committed to creating controlled supply chains from field to table, to enhance the product we create but also the work of those whose raw materials enable us to obtain excellent flours.

This is the case with our Antiqua, which comes from Piedmontese crops grown by more than 40 farms united in a single certified short-chain consortium. The consortium selects land far from cities, motorways, factories and waterways to produce grains with zero chemical residue.

In other cases we actively participate in controlled supply chains such as, for example, Oro Saiwa's Harmony supply chain and Galbusera's Percorso Salute.

Our partners

Supply chains in which
we are partners


Since 2008, we have been passionately milling wheat from the Antiqua supply chain, grown according to strict specifications defined in collaboration with DISAFA (Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Turin) and the CAPAC Consortium, which is still in charge of the daily management of the Piedmontese farmers who are members of the supply chain.

Antiqua's philosophy is based on the enhancement of the territory, expressed through wheat grown according to the integrated pest management method, in fields located at most 50 km from the mill and far from sources of pollution. The wheat obtained is therefore 0 km, 0 residue and 0 impact.



For years Oro Saiwa®, part of the Mondelez International® group, has been committed to sustainable agriculture through the Harmony® farming programme. Ours is one of the Italian mills that mills grains from the Harmony® chain, which involves 173 farms that are committed to cultivating in accordance with good practices to develop a sustainable farming movement.


In 2003 Galbusera created Percorso Salute®, the production philosophy that sets it apart and guides it in offering consumers products of excellence, always at the forefront. In 2019, the Percorso Salute® was enriched with the "Wheat Chain" project: a sustainability project whose main protagonist is wheat, a 100% Italian wheat, which we proudly mill.