Farine su misura®

Farine su Misura® literally means “Tailored-made flours”: the extreme flexibility of our plant allows us to handle hundreds of different flours, tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer.

Tailor-made for you

Beyond specifications

Tailor-made flours are perfectly adapted to our customers' needs. Our process allows us to obtain the right flour to optimise the results in the products in which it is used, maximising production performance and minimising production line waste.

To obtain the result we search for the right grains in Italy and abroad, we mill them in purity and we mix the flours as needed, in order to always guarantee expectations and the best stability in processing.

We pursue the concept that production industries do not have to adapt to the flours, but the flours themselves must adapt to their needs.

With this in mind, we collaborate with companies not just as suppliers, but as partners able to study and propose flours capable of guaranteeing better results.

In addition, thanks to an innovative computer system, we can store and reproduce every single recipe, guaranteeing stable and constant characteristics over time.

Quality always guaranteed

Guaranteed standards and constant optimisation

All incoming grain and flours are subjected to the most comprehensive rheological, microbiological and toxicological analyses, not only to guarantee the absolute food safety of the products but especially to ensure that they meet the standards required by customers.

Furthermore, if necessary, we draw on the expertise of our technicians to evaluate possible optimisations directly in the customer's production line, always striving to resolve imperfections and seek continuous improvement.

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