Professional training

Baking Box

Baking box is the container of ideas that the mill makes available to artisans and professionals in the pizza, pastry, bakery and catering sectors.


A "container" of ideas

A physical and virtual place designed by professionals for professionals, where you can meet industry experts and colleagues, compare notes, update your knowledge or discover new techniques and improve your skills.

A new concept of Technical Area, based on the concept of continuous professional training, thanks to the comparison with our technicians, courses, recipes and handouts all available on the social platform of Baking Box, exclusively reserved for Bongiovanni customers.

Tailor-made for you

Created for professionals

Comparison is the basis for professional growth, which is why we decided to create a dedicated Facebook group: to allow everyone to interact and actively participate in the community, providing other professionals with their experience, asking for advice from colleagues, sharing photos of products to give food for thought, inviting them to explore certain topics in greater depth.


The advantages of the baking box

The classic view of Technical  Support is vertical: companies have the knowledge and make it available to individual customers in limited quantities. Our approach, on the other hand, is horizontal: the aim is to spread the culture of flour and its use to as many artisans as possible, inviting them to share, compare and even debate -constructively-vif necessary.

Being part of this great team has its advantages:

  • Have access to the knowledge and experience of the Bongiovanni team of technicians, who will publicly answer all your questions.
  • Ask for advice on the use of the flours from technicians and colleagues who already use them, and who can therefore give targetedanswers based on their real experience of use
  • Consult the dozens of recipes created with Bongiovanni flours and, if there are no recipes for specific products, request new ones.
  • Watch professional training events live with Bongiovanni technicians, interacting during the live broadcast and asking specific questions on the subject, with the possibility of watching the video again afterwards.
  • Take advantage of technicalcontents and in-depthhandouts dedicated to professionals in the sector.
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