The Antiqua line

Antiqua was launched in 2008 and was the realisation of a dream capable of telling the story of a supply chain, a territory and the flavour of wheat. A dream capable of enhancing the work of many farmers who have believed in this project from the very beginning and who today, as then, continue to work with us to help us obtain the best possible flour.

A wide range

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Antiqua type 1

The lightest of the stone-ground flours, versatile and easy to use. It contains the entire floury core of the wheat grain, including the outer parts close to the bran that make it distinctive. Suitable for all bread, pizza, fresh pasta and pastry recipes.

Antiqua Type 2

Also known as semi-whole grain, in addition to the floury core of the grain, it contains the finer fractions of bran and germ, which determine its dark and uniform colour. It is particularly suitable for rustic recipes such as bread, pizza, fresh pasta and cakes.

Antiqua Wholemeal

True wholemeal flour, obtained by simply milling the whole grain and not sifting it, maintains all the natural properties of the wheat. Suitable for all whole-wheat bread and pizza recipes, fresh whole-wheat pasta and pastry recipes.

Antiqua Cereals

Two multi-grain blends designed for bread-making and pizza-making, to be used pure or in combination with other flours, to obtain customized and easy-to-process products.

Antiqua specials

A selection of special products all made from a base of Antiqua flours, which can be blended to produce even more distinctive products.


The uniqueness
is in the details

0 km

Short-chain flour certified all the way down to the field, obtained from selected Piedmontese grains harvested within fifty kilometres of the mill.


The result of the work of more than 40 farmers united in a single guarantee consortium and paid above market prices.

Safe and controlled

Produced by milling only perfect grains, electronically selected and then husked, therefore, totally 'clean'.

Residue Ø

Sourced from land far from sources of pollution and cultivated using the integrated pest management method, respecting health and the environment.


Stone-ground using only solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels installed in the mill.


Thanks to stone milling, the flour contains all parts of the wheat grain, including the precious germ in its natural state.


The advantages of Antiqua

Antiqua is distinguished by its intense aroma and amber colour, due to the presence of bran tegument and natural germ in the flour.

Being stone-ground in a single passage, it contains all parts of the grain: the high percentage of bran makes it an important source of fibre and mineral salts, which add flavour and aroma to the finished product.

In addition, the wheat germ naturally present in the flour gives a sweet taste and a distinct wheat aroma, as well as providing antioxidants and vitamins.

Antiqua is clearly recognisable:

  • When the bag is opened, it stands out for its clear scent of wheat;
  • In appearance, by the look of a slightly amber-coloured flour;
  • In processing, for its greater capacity to absorb water;
  • In the dough, by its hazelnut colour and intense aroma of wheat;
  • In cooking, for the burnished colour of the finished product;
  • In the taste, for its ability to leave a sweet, rounded taste of wheat in the mouth.

Good for everyone, ideal for professionals

Antiqua is a stone-ground flour and therefore unrefined: for this reason, compared to a classic 00 flour, it is a source of fibre and vitamins and has a lower carbohydrate content.

Bongiovanni's certified supply chain and careful processing guarantee the quality of a unique and characteristic product that is easy to work with and ideal for standing out.

Excellent yields

Antiqua has an excellent yield thanks to its greater capacity to absorb liquids, which makes it perfect even for high-hydration doughs.

Suitable for long fermentations

It is a well-balanced flour with excellent stability, perfect for processes that require long fermentation both at room temperature and in the fridge.

Rich in mineral salts

It contains more mineral salts, which together with the germ give greater flavour and aroma to the finished product, allowing up to 50% less salt to be used in the dough.

High fermentation capacity

It expresses its full potential when kneaded with sourdough, but by its nature, Antiqua ensures the development of aromas and fragrances with any type of processing.

The consortium

The farmers who produce Antiqua

A consortium of farmers who work by adhering to the Antiqua supply chain specification in which particular attention has been given to the wholesomeness of the grain, environmental protection, sustainability and the methods necessary to enhance the work of the farmers.

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The specification

A certified supply chain

The Antiqua specification is the document that dictates the agricultural methods that all the farmers in the supply chain must comply with: a strict set of rules and instructions to be followed during all phases of the grain's life, from autumn sowing to summer harvesting and subsequent storage.


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