Products for the food industry

In addition to flours, we offer a range of selected ingredients for the preparation of products with special characteristics.


  • Roller milled flours in sacks and in bulk
  • Stone-ground flours in sacks and bulk
  • Organic flours
  • Flours from certified supply chain
  • Baby food flours

Special flours

  • "Granito” for fresh pasta and gnocchi
  • Triplozero®: special flour for fresh pasta
  • Ventilated flour: micronised flour for poured dough
  • La Panettoni: special flour for large leavened items

Noble Co-Products

  • Natural germ
  • Cold de-oiled germ
  • Broad-leaf bran and food bran
  • Middlings and coarse meal

Processed grains

  • Husked soft wheat
  • Pearled soft wheat
  • Soft wheat gritz (broken into homogeneous fragments of 2,000-3,000 microns)