Other flours

In addition to flours, Molini Bongiovanni is able to offer a range of quality ingredients for the preparation of products with special characteristics.

Products of other cereals

  • Khorasan flour
  • Toasted whole-grain soya flour
  • Chickpea flour
  • White spelt flakes
  • Wholemeal spelt flakes
  • Wholemeal rye flour
  • Fioretto cornmeal
  • Super-fine cornmeal
  • Coarse cornmeal


  • Linseed
  • Husked sesame seeds
  • Husked millet seeds


  • Re-milled of Apulian origin
  • Re-milled of Sicilian origin
  • Coarse semolina of Apulian origin
  • Semolina cous of Apulian origin
  • Coarse wholemeal semolina

Our historical brands