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Molini Bongiovanni

Millers by choice

We select, control and mill only the best Italian and EU soft wheat, respecting the supply chain, health and the environment, to create high quality, high-performance, recognizable professional flours with a unique sensory profile.


Flours for every taste

Flours for Pizza


Flours for Bakery


Flours for Fresh Pasta


Flours for Pastry


Baking box is our new technical area, completely renovated and enriched
with new collaborators and facilities, plus events, courses, recipes,
handouts and social platforms for comparison, exclusively reserved
for Bongiovanni customers.

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Discover our lines in different formats. The right flour for your recipes, directly to your home.

All hands on dough

A recipe for
every flour


At the service of the food industry

We are a partner of the Italian food industry for whom
we provide innovative solutions to simple and complex needs.

Farine su misura®

We produce flours tailored to the specific needs of individual industry customers.

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Tailor-made supply chains

We are experts in the creation and management of supply chains from field to table.

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Prima Fibra®

A special bran fraction to add to your basic flour for dough with a wheat flavour.

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Other products for the food industry

Special flours but not only: noble milling co-products and selected ingredients to customise your flours. 

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